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Fist of the Blue Sky (Souten no Ken), is a prequel to Fist of the North Star by Tetsuo Hara, with plot supervision by original writer Buronson, that was published in the Weekly Comic Bunch from its debut issue in 2001 and throughout the magazine's final issue in 2010.

Kasumi Kenshiro was a bumbling, bespectacled literature professor in 1935 Japan, playfully joking around with his students in the Towa Women's College at Tokyo... or so he seemed to be. The unusually large yet mild mannered scholar was invited to a restaurant by an aging Chinese gentleman called Li, who served as a poison taster for the Last Emperor of China. Just as the duo started to remininsce on old times spent amongst The Triads and the Tongs, said-Chinese Emperor's Assassins held Kenshiro at gunpoint, "inviting" him to fulfill his "centuries old duty" as the Emperor's bodyguard, only to have their heads painfully and literally popped open from the inside as he gingerly struck hidden points across their faces with but a single finger.

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